Shoulder Impingement : What It Is and What To Do About It

That Pinching Pain in the Front of Your Shoulder…

There are few shoulder problems that we work with more commonly than “Impingement”.

Common in overhead athletes (baseball pitchers, for example), swimmers, weightlifters among others, shoulder impingement is one of the more common causes of rotator cuff-related pain in the shoulder.

Frequently, we hear our patients tell us in a forlorn tone that they’ve been diagnosed with “subacromial impingement”, or that they have a “rotator cuff tear”. But what exactly are those problems? Do we need to always be scared of them? Are there fixes out there that DO NOT involve injections, medication, or surgery?

Dr. Seth answers some of these questions in this video all about subacromial impingement syndrome, and we threw in a link towards the end of the video to an exclusive playlist that we’re constantly adding to — full of exercises that we have found to be GOLD MINES for retraining the shoulder joint, shoulder blade, and other surrounding tissue that contributes to this painful condition.

Please check it out, SUBSCRIBE, and drop us a comment if you have any questions at all!

While We’re At It,
Let’s Fix Your Push-Ups & Rows…

The role of your shoulder blade in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome (SIS) is HUGE. If you checked out that video above, you hopefully get it now.

But what can you do when even the most common of shoulder strength and fitness movements aggravate your shoulder?

Push-ups and Rows (and really ALL variations of both of those movements) wreak havoc on people dealing with pain from shoulder impingement. It get’s even more frustrating for those who love fitness and training because often times it’s the push-ups and rows that we regress to when overhead pressing and pull-ups start to hurt too much.

In this video, Dr. Matt Zoelling (one of the stellar Physical Therapists at Limitless) breaks down why those movements are probably hurting you, and exactly how to optimize your push-up and row to save your shoulders for years to come. Check it out here:

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Seth King
We help people feel confident and strong so they can return to the activities they love without pain or fear.

Dr. Seth King

PT, DPT, Owner/Founder of Limitless

We help people feel confident and strong so they can return to the activities they love without pain or fear.

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