Why Normal Isn’t Good Enough

had a patient a few weeks ago tell me, “I just want to be normal”. The sentiment was plenty innocent. Many of the individuals I work with on a daily basis are in pain and would see it as a huge improvement to just get back to status quo. Nevertheless, it got me thinking…

Normal? What exactly is “normal” these days, and do we really want that?

Here is a snapshot of “normal”:




  • Nerdwallet recently released one of their polls that revealed that the average American household carries over $90,000 in debt



  • Nearly 95% of American adults aren’t physically active for more than 30 minutes per day.
  • By 2030, over 50% of Americans are projected to be obese.
  • Kids now spend over 7 hours of their day in front of a screen, barely moving.

Does this really paint a picture of what we aspire to be? Should this represent the direction that we are headed?

Nothing is as approved as mediocrity, the majority has established it and it fixes it fangs on whatever gets beyond it either way.
— Blaise Pascal

One question that I have been asked more times than I can count is: “What is one thing that I can do on my own to ___________ [get fit, have less back pain, deal with stress better, the list goes on and on]?” The answer to that question, and a great starting place for anyone looking to take their first steps towards better wellness, is:


This is such a simple solution, but is in my opinion the best place to start. The benefits of increasing your level of physical activity is well-documented in medical literature to positively affect physical health, risk of disease, mental well-being, mood, productivity at work, risk of falling down, and even can increase your chance of living longer. These benefits can trickle down into every facet of your life.

Choose to be different than 95% of other American adults who do not intentionally initiate more than 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Start walking for 30 minutes every day, find a local yoga or Tai Chi class, dust off your FitBit for some added accountability … Pick 1 thing that energizes you, get moving, and stick with it. Your first steps don’t have to be complicated. But here’s a fair warning – if you do this you won’t be normal.

If you ask us here at Limitless we want nothing to do with normal. We want extraordinary. We’re pushing for greatness. We want to deeply love what we do each day, learn to be wise with our money, and search out fantastic ways to be resourceful, environmentally-friendly, and collaborative. We want to find great ways of coping with stress, dealing with pain, and staying physically active.

This is what Limitless Physio is all about. Together, let’s run away from mediocrity, away from today’s “normal” and be something more. Let’s be wiser, stronger, more resilient than anyone expects. Let’s get organized, healthy, and strong – and stay that way.


Beating the average is no small task. There will likely be many road blocks, but it’s absolutely possible – we believe that in our core. There are many ways to move towards a better state of wellness, and we’re here to help along the way.

Let us know why you don’t want to be normal anymore in the comments and be sure to connect with us below!

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Seth King
We help people feel confident and strong so they can return to the activities they love without pain or fear.

Dr. Seth King

PT, DPT, Owner/Founder of Limitless

We help people feel confident and strong so they can return to the activities they love without pain or fear.

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