Dr. Seth King PT, DPT provides next-level solutions to pain, mobility, & performance issues that are preventing you from being your normal active self.

-Always 1-on-1 care.
-Always with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
-No medicine.
-No surgery.
-No 3x/week for 8 weeks.

We believe that you are stronger than your limitations. You're more capable than your disabilities, more successful than your failures. Your injuries have not prevailed, and your pain doesn't define you.

 Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to be leaders in advancing the health & wellness of the community of Rochester Hills, Michigan and beyond. In this, we will serve our community by:

  • helping to lead the fight against chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity, & low back/neck pain, using Movement as Medicine

  • providing 1-on-1, high quality physical therapy (globally known as 'physio') for both common and complex orthopedic conditions that are affecting normal daily function

  • helping people overcome obstacles such as doubt, fear, and their self-imposed limits

  • impacting the world around us, and by trying to facilitate positive and healthy change in our community and beyond