During a yoga class I often ask my students to begin their practice by setting an intention.

This intention should reflect the best of what life has to offer. Virtues like love, forgiveness, presence, patients, kindness, gratitude, and letting go are great examples.

When I started practicing yoga, my intention was always the same. It might have been a bit selfish, but it was where I needed to be. Before every class I would set the intention that, no matter what happened when I got off of my mat, I would love myself a little more. A little self love can go a long way.

The intention brings us back not to the good things, but the best things. It cuts through the noise that surrounds us.

Your intention is yours.

It's what you want to bring.

The wonderful practice of setting an intention in yoga is that you take it with you off of your mat. You carry that intention into your world, our world.

Take your practice off of the mat today by setting your intention for this week. Allow your breath to deepen and your eyes to close. What's the first thing that comes to mind?